Stockton Bike Trails

Stockton's bike trails take advantage of features such as river banks and levees as well as right-of-ways for power lines or abandoned railroad grades. Most of the bike trails shown here are paved Class I trails. Numerous other bike lanes are available along city streets.

Calaveras River Bike Path

Buckley Cove to Cherokee Rd.
7.4 miles     Learn more ↓

East Bay Utility District

Brookside Rd. to Hwy. 99
5½ miles     Learn more ↓

map of bike trails in Stockton, CA

French Camp Slough Trail

C. Weston Blvd. to Abruzzi Ct.
3 miles     Learn more ↓

Bear Creek Trail

Along Bear Creek
8 miles     Learn more ↓

PG&E Greenbelt

French Camp Rd. to Slough
1¾ miles     Learn more ↓

Dentoni Park Trail

Thornton Rd. to Lower Sacramento
1.3 miles     Learn more ↓

East Bay Municipal Utility District Bike path, Stockton, CA

East Bay Municipal Utility District Right-of-Way

The intermittent back path extends 5.5 miles from Brookside Road near the country club east to Highway 99. Sections have not yet been completed, but bikers can still ride the full length by making use of surface streets, including bike lanes on West and Hammer lanes. The asphalt surfaced trail is used by pedestrians, inline skaters, and cyclers.
Length: 5½ miles

Calaveras River Bike Path, Stockton, CA

Calaveras River Bike Path

The southern end of the bike trail begins along Brookside Road at
Brookside School. The asphalt trail follows the course of the Calaveras River, splitting at the diversion canal. The path is used for biking, inline skating, and walking. A bike-pedestrian bridge extends across the Calaveras River east of West Lane and another crosses at UOP.
Length: 7.4 miles

PG&E bike Trail in Weston Ranch, Stockton, CA

Pacific Gas and Electric Greenbelt

The greenbelt beneath PG&E powerlines in Weston Ranch runs diagonally across the residential development with numerous connecting points to local streets. The 1.75 mile paved trail begins at French Camp Road and ends at the San Joaquin River. There cyclers, joggers, and walkers can make the transition onto the San Joaquin River - French Camp Slough Trail. A side trail leads east for a mile, parallel to Ishi Goto Street.
Length: 1¾ miles

Ferench Camp Slough Bike Path in Weston Ranch, Stockton, CA

French Camp Slough Trail

This asphalt bike and walking trail runs along the French Camp Slough levees from Carolyn Weston Boulevard near Interstate 5 around to Abruzzi Court. Users can connect with the PG&E greenbelt bike trail to extend their outing.
Length: 3 miles

Bear Creek Bike Trail, Stockton, CA

Bear Creek Trail

The Bear Creek Trail extends from Lower Sacramento Road across Davis Road and then north up the side of Bear Creek and returns to Davis Road. From there it returns down Bear Creek on the opposite back and follows it west under Interstate 5 out to Rio Blanco Road near the Paradise Point Marina.
Length: 8 miles

Dentoni Park Bike Trail, Stockton, CA

Dentoni Park Trail

This short bike trail runs from Thornton Road to Lower Sacramento Road, passing through Dentoni Park at its midway point. The 9½-acre park has restrooms, picnic tables, tennis courts, and playground equipment.
Length: 1.3 miles

Pixley Slough Bike Trail, Stockton, CA

Pixley Slough Trail

The unpaved Pixley Slough Trail leads north from 8 Mile Road near Lower Sacramento Road and angles 1.8 miles across to West Road.
Length: 1.8 miles

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